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5 Steps to Market Your Holiday or Vacation Rental

September 25th, 2021

With the ever increasing popularity of vacation and holiday rentals, it is hardly surprising that every year more and more competition enters the marketplace. Nearly every country in the world has holiday apartments, villas, cottages, lodges, and cabins which are available for rent, such is the nature of this expanding market.

To that end, it is reasonable to assume that marketing your own vacation or holiday rental property or the best way to market it must be on your mind, especially if more and more apartments and villas are being built close to your own apartment, which will be the direct competition to your own owner property.

Step 1 – Identify the Most Suitable Traveller for Your Holiday or Vacation Home

Travellers come in all shapes and sizes and some properties are more suited to certain groups than others. Couples, families, or people that are travelling through a country all have different needs as to their requirements for a holiday and vacation home, and like all businesses, working out who the property is most suitable for will dictate how you will market it.

If for example, you feel that your holiday or vacation home is best suited for families, then every aspect of the vacation or holiday apartment will be marketed in this direction.

Step 2 – Attractions and Amenities

Once you have decided on the most suitable type of traveller for your property, it is a good idea to find literature on the attractions and amenities that are close to your property, or failing that, a simple hand written guide will suffice.

Step 3 – Facilities and Furniture

Keeping the most suitable traveller group in mind, ensure that facilities and furniture are suitable for it. It is unlikely that an apartment geared around couples is going to need a climbing frame for example, where a family orientated villa can’t do without one.

It is a good idea to keep the furniture as durable and stylish as possible, especially if families are involved.

Step 4 – Décor

Décor should always be neutral as different people have different tastes. Ensure that everything is functional and practical, and there is nothing to outlandish. Though it is tempting to draw a jungle scene in a kid’s room, remember it is things you do not expect that may scare a child and effectively ruin that family’s holiday. For kids’ rooms, it is best to use bright colours rather than possible scary scenes.

Step 5 – Selling Your Property Online

The chances are you are advertising your vacation and holiday rental accommodation online with a dedicated site. This is by far the best option to gain as much exposure to your vacation or holiday apartment as possible. As we have touched on before the owner rentals business is highly competitive, so your goal here should be to make the property stand out from the rest of the competition.

By writing about the previous four steps in a positive way will sell your property to potential travellers. Always highlight the positive, and try to make the vacation and holiday rental sound interesting.