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Camera ViewFinders Capture Vacations, Holidays and Nostalgia

June 5th, 2021

People love to take pictures of almost everything that happens in their lives. It is not very unusual because we are naturally attracted to keeping our memories intact and long lasting. The invention of the camera was one of the pioneering steps for human kind in recording our personal and cultural history. There are a lot of things that can be told by just looking into a photograph. As the old cliché says, a picture can paint a thousand words. And who needs words when you have pictures.

During the times of the first people on earth, they learned that graphical representations of events are more likely to have an impact in the relating of the story than just telling the story on its own. Stories that have an adverse effect on the way our ancestors interacted with one another and the environment that they were living in.

Cave paintings were one of the earliest forms of graphic images captured on print. Our ancestors used this to educate the new generation that came after them on how to survive the harsh conditions of the earth. These paintings gave the generations that followed a very important lesson that they would have to learn if they were to live through their age.

As time went on people were more and more attuned to the importance of pictures and pictographs in the recording of their great achievements. These crude forms of capturing the images of their lives gave way to the development and fascination of people to the new techniques in photography.

If we look at our modern society the use of the camera seem to be endless. From a simple tool of capturing images, the camera has expanded it utilization into almost all of the aspect of human life. The camera has been one of the most powerful tools of the media aside form the pen. The camera has been one of the tools that every journalist needs to uncover the truth and to expose the joyful and what some deem to be the wicked. The camera has also found its way into the arms of the military where it is one of the important tools they use to capture images from behind enemy lines and to give the soldiers of freedom the knowledge of how their enemy works.

In the field of the arts, the camera has been one of the more vibrant mediums that they use to capture modern day masterpieces. The timeless works of art that the camera produces can stimulate and captivate the minds of art enthusiasts all over the world. Even in the world of conservation and education the camera has found its vast use in promoting and educating the people of how much there is to be concerned about our world and the knowledge that we can get from her.

The camera, in every essence is a tool for capturing emotions that can move a person to laughter or to tears, moments that are irreplaceable, memories that are immortalized, and feelings that are shared in every click of the shutter. Yes, the world is evolving fast and people have to keep up with the change, but in all of this chaos and excitement, photographs will always be there to remind us that life is simple and the events can be relived in every piece of paper.